Journey Into The Unknown World of Publishing

(Part 1)

Deciding to Publish

For many years, I had dreamed of being a writer and like many people, and I started and stopped the writing process many times. This time however, it was different; maybe because I was older, maybe because I was not trying to hammer out an entire novel, or maybe because I was inspired by my children to tell a story.

My first lesson in publishing: I was clueless. I quickly realized that there was a steep learning curve and that I would have to get comfortable living outside of my comfort zone.

The story was created on the fly, when one day, my children; 3 at the time, told me about their friends not wanting to play with them because of their curly hair. This was also taking place at a time when they had received diagnoses for auto immune diseases and food allergies and needed to eat separately; being that they had not yet grasped the concepts and risks of food sharing with peers. The story came quickly and wove itself while the morals drove home the message of self acceptance and the power of friendship. After telling it the first time, the kids began to reference it with statements like, "I want to be myself like the grasshopper". It was then that I realized the vehicle through which I could spread the message of diversity and inclusion.

After deciding to publish the story, I was immediately thrown into a brand new world where the many different facets of bringing a book to life came with decisions I wasn't ready to make and nerves I was unprepared to conquer. Being responsible for bringing a vision to life, without having any of the necessary knowledge to make critical decisions, comes with a steep learning curve!

Four and a half months later, I have successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, and published my first book, ahead of schedule. From reviewing proofs, uploading digital and audio content and more, this journey has been rich with information, knowledge, and self discovery.

Stay tuned, to learn more about the campaigning, editing, illustrating and publishing journey!

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